Unlike most lenders' websites, we prefer to offer you the opportunity to use ASIC's Money Smart Calculators, so that you may come to an independant, reasonable conclusion about the likely expenses involved with various credit products. Each calculator opens a new window on ASIC's Money Smart website.


Most people take out a principal & interest home loan, where you make regular payments against the principal (the amount borrowed) as well as paying interest. This type of loan is designed to be repaid in full over the life of the loan.

Our panel of lenders offer a number of different principal & interest loans, with a range of features such as a redraw facility or an offset account. 

The loan is usually repaid over an agreed period of time, such as 25 or 30 years. Use our principal & mortgage calculator to give you an indication on how much you can borrow, how much your repayments might be, and how you can repay your loan sooner.

As the name suggests, your repayment amount will only cover the interest on this loan. The principal amount you borrowed will not reduce unless you choose to make extra repayments.

That is, you only pay interest on the amount you borrowed for an agreed period (usually up to 5 years). At the end of this time, the loan reverts to a principal & interest loan and you start repaying the principal as well as the interest.

Use our interest only mortgage calculator to see how much your repayments might be before and after the interest-only period and to compare the total cost of a interest only mortgage to a principal & interest loan.

Depending on what type of loan facility you have, loan products can change over time. This can occur due to periodic changes to interest rates, but also due to market competition, where lenders may offer attractive rates to new clients for certain types of loan products. If there is an obvious financial advantage for doing so, switching from one lender to another, or from one type of loan facility to another, can sometimes be advantageous.

This calculator helps you work out whether you will save money by switching to another mortgage, how long it will take to recover the cost of switching, and the benefits of making higher repayments instead of minimum repayments

Whether your're taking a holiday, buying a boat, car or any other personal property, or simply consolidating existing credit cards, you can use this calculator to determine how much you may be eligible to borrow, what your repayments might be, and how you can pay off your loan sooner.

Interest rates vary, depending upon whether finance is secured or unsecured.

You may also consider using the above calculators in any of these scenarios, if it's your intention to utilise equity within an existing property.